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Special Offer – Email Productivity Pack

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Special Offer – Email Productivity Pack

Get all our best email productivity tools for only $99.95!

If email takes an important share of your daily routine and if Microsoft Outlook is your preferred email platform, then for sure you will benefit from the advantages offered by all four products included in this special offer: Bells & Whistles, Easy Mail Merge, Auto Reply Manager and Email Address Collector!

Since this group of products is a popular choice for many customers, we came up with this great deal that allows you to save $40 (~30% discount!) for products that will surely save your time and improve the way you manage your emails!

So, what exactly do you get for $99.95?

The following products are included in our special offer:

Email Address Collector

Email Address Collector helps you build your mailing lists by extracting email addresses from almost any local source, such as Outlook / Windows Live Mail / Outlook Express / Thunderbird mail folders, Office files or PDF documents. Read more on Email Address Collector.

Bells & Whistles for Outlook

Bells & Whistles offers over 40 Outlook productivity features that will simply improve your email routine! Read more on Bells & Whistles for Outlook.

Easy Mail Merge

Easy Mail Merge helps you compose, schedule & send mass personalized emails through the already familiar Outlook interface. Read more on Easy Mail Merge.

Auto Reply Manager

To put it simple, Auto Reply Manager is your Outlook email robot. Whenever you want to automatically answer, forward or redirect an incoming email, Auto Reply Manager can do it for you. Read more on Auto Reply Manager.

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Outlook Addins Special Offer

Some frequently asked questions about this special offer:

Do I have to use all products on the same computer?

No. Upon your payment, you will receive 4 different license keys, one for each product. Each license can be activated on a different computer.

Do volume discounts also apply?

Yes, of course. For example, if you decide to purchase 20 special offer packs, the ordering system will automatically apply the related volume discount (for 20 units).

Is the special offer time limited?

Well, initially we offered it as a time limited offer. But, due to its high demand, we decided to make it permanent.

Can I get a partial refund on my order?

Unfortunately, no. Since the product unit price is discounted, we can not offer partial refunds for this special offer.

Are the products compatible with Outlook 2013?

Yes. All our products are fully compatible with Outlook 2013 x32 and x64, as part of Microsoft Office 2013 Pro and Office 365.