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For various reasons, some users simply prefer to stick to our older product versions. This page gives download access to these older software versions.

Please note that older versions are likely NOT to be fully compatible with the latest releases of Windows and Microsoft Outlook, especially with their x64 versions.

If you encounter problems running them on the latest Windows / Outlook versions, we strongly advise you to update to the newest product versions that you can access from the DOWNLOAD button located on the top web site menu.

Product Name Older Versions Release Date File Size Download Link
Email Address Collector version 5.0.127 29/11/2012 8.3 MB Download v5.0.127
Email Address Collector version 4.0.55 01/08/2007 5.4 MB Download v4.0.55
Email Address Collector version 3.20 16/05/2004 2.9 MB Download v3.20
Easy Mail Merge version 4.0.407 7/18/2017 11.4 MB Download v4.0.407
Easy Mail Merge version 3.0.319 15/04/2015 7.4 MB Download v3.0.319
Easy Mail Merge version 2.0.245 11/06/2013 5.8 MB Download v2.0.245
Easy Mail Merge version 1.1.91 17/08/2007 4.3 MB Download v1.1.91
Bells & Whistles version 5.0.410 25/11/2015 12.1 MB Download v5.0.410
Bells & Whistles version 4.0.272 29/11/2012 9.3 MB Download v4.0.272
Bells & Whistles version 3.0.178 24/08/2009 3.9 MB Download v3.0.178
Auto Reply Manager version 2.0.125 05/07/2013 5.5 MB Download v2.0.125
Auto Reply Manager version 1.5.51 25/05/2007 3.4 MB Download v1.5.51
Auto Follow Up version 3.0.296 8/9/2019 12.3 MB Download v3.0.296
Auto Follow Up version 2.0.188 23/08/2016 9.55 MB Download v2.0.188