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Troubles Activating Your License?

Here is a list of all error codes (and their workarounds) that can be triggered when you try to activate a license key for one of our products:

Error message: License activation failed. Error code: 2

This error code can be triggered if there is no Internet connection available or if the activation module can not reach our servers. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet. As an alternative, you can choose the offline activation method.

Error message: No more activations

This error means that your license reached its maximum activations limit. Each single-user license is designed to be activated twice.

Solution 1: if you purchased a single-user license and you need to use the product and activate the license on more than 2 computers at a time, please purchase additional licenses;

Solution 2: if you just upgraded your computer and you received the above error message, please email us via the “Contact Service Support” link located on the softare main menu and we shall promptly reset your license.

Error message: License code is not valid

This error means that your license code does not match any of our customer records for the product version that you installed.

Solution 1: if you purchased the license less than 1 year ago, please make sure you are running the latest product version (use the Check for Updates function to download any available updates);

Solution 2: if you purchased the license more than 1 year ago and you don’t wish to upgrade to the latest version (if such an upgrade is available), please contact us with your license code and describe the problem, so we can deliver you the right version for your license;

Solution 3: make sure that you didn’t previously asked for a refund. All refunded orders automatically lead to suspended license activation codes;

Solution 4: make sure you are actually trying to activate the license with the right (purchased) product.

Error code: 10035, 10050, 10051, 10052 or 10053

This error means that your computer can not reach our licensing server.

Solution 1: please make sure your firewall is configured to allow our program to go online and connect to the server. You can temporarily disable your firewall in order to finalize the license activation;

Solution 2: if you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, make sure it is properly configured with Internet Explorer. You can check its settings in the Internet Explorer Options menu -> Connections -> LAN Settings;

Solution 3: please use the “offline registration” option (displayed on the license activation window) to finalize the license activation.

Error code: 10060 or 10061

This error means that our server refused your connection. This situation can be caused by a non-permanent server failure. Please try again in a few minutes or use the offline license activation method.

If none of the above solutions worked, please contact our service support department at support@outlook-apps.com.

For problems related to your payment, please contact our payment provider, Avangate B.V., on the 24/7 hotline for shopper support: Tel: +31 88 000 0008 (24 hour support).